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Those who work in Shafie Holding have a single objective in mind: Deliver the best solutions.

Apply knowledge in an innovative, flexible and sustainable way, because it is knowledge which is the essence of our evolution.

Wealth Management

We offer a broad range of wealth management products; planning and services that can provide you with details to secure your wealth and maximize growth potential.

Investment Management

We work with our clients, from individual investors to large institutions, to provide advanced outlook and portfolio management strategies for them to succeed specific objectives.

Project Management

We provide expertise and professional Project Management and apply knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently on time within budget.

Trade Management

We have proven solutions to fit Trade Management. BESTCO’s Trade Management process and supply chain flow will improve your overall trade process system.

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Company Headquarters

Ali Nosrati

Ali Nosrati

Founder & CEO
Mohammad Someaneshin

Mohammad Someaneshin

General Manager of IT & Telecommunication Infrastructure
Amir Faraji

Amir Faraji

Chairman of the Board Operation Manager
Hamid Iranshahi

Hamid Iranshahi

Project Manager
Milad Abdoli

Milad Abdoli

Technology Management and Industrial Engineering

Private Funding Consultation

We offer a range of different Consultations to assist clients to plan and execute the best strategies to help them safely and effectively achieve their long term goals.

Our Team

Mehdi Shahamati
Mehdi ShahamatiSenior Investment ProfessionalInstagram

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