Rights and facilities:

      • Foreign investments subject to this Act shall enjoy the same rights, protections and facilities available to domestic investments in a non-discriminatory manner (Article 8 of the FIPPA).
      • The Foreign Investment and its profits may be transferred in foreign currency or goods (Articles 13-18 of the FIPPA).

Acceptance of foreign investments in all the production, industrial, agricultural, transportation, communications, and services fields as well as in fields related to water, power, and gas supply and energy fields.

      • The possibility of the referral of investment-related disputes to international authorities (Article 19 of the FIPPA).

Documents Required by the OIETAl for the Issuance of Foreign Investment Licensing Procedure

      1. Application Form
      1. Establishment License / Primary agreement / Preliminary agreement of the pertinent Iranian organization
      1. Official letter of the foreign investor to submit to the OIETAl
      1. The foreign investors background including  a brief history  of the company ,the year of  establishment  area of activities in case  of foreign investor is a natural  person , a photocopy of passport  and resume will be provided.
      1. A list of machinery, equipment’s and CKD part which may be imported into the country as a part of the foreign investor’s capital (if available).
      1. In case that part of the foreign investor’s share is in the form of technical know –how, a draft of the contract outlining the conditions of the transfer of technology.
      1. Any further useful information.